Competition in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can only be considered a good thing. Viberate is a clear example of how both of these innovative technologies can make an impact on the music industry moving forward. Viberate is an ecosystem based on live music and a marketplace based on the blockchain. It aims to build a smart way to explore live music.


Currently, it works as IMDB for live music where profiles are ranked according to their social media popularity. It has over 130000 profiles of the musicians created by over 50000 different contributors to the site. It targets to connect various artists and music based professionals and helps to bring them closer.  It aims to match musicians with booking agencies and various event organizers. Agents can check on the musicians how well they are working online with the help of audience engagement metrics which is built on its ecosystem.

The music world can be enhanced and changed using Viberate which further uses blockchain technology. It helps in revolutionizing the way musicians are presented and to open the world of live music to more and more people.  Basically, it’s all because of decentralization. Blockchain technology helps in decentralizing the discovery and booking processes. Viberate started with just 50000 contributors and it will be open for all in future. This level of decentralization is the main factor which makes Viberate really unique.

The four elements which make Viberate unique are its database, community, holistic approach and marketplace. It was just started off as a small project with no more than thousands of DJs and slowly it grew to 50000 musicians.  Then it further grew to the database of 120000 musicians, 40000 music venues, and 60000 events. Rewards are given to the contributors for referring friends, promoting the service,  adding new profiles on the database etc.

When it comes to payments, there is the biggest advantage of using blockchain technology that is the ability to offer an escrow. It is the safest way to make payments. However, many countries require licenses for fiat currencies escrow from authorized authorities like central banks etc.  Using cryptocurrency helps in solving the issue and allows for effective safe escrow.

No one ever thought of a live music platform which would be completely based on cryptocurrency. Viberate is the first establishment in this regard. It was launched in 2015 and slowly started gaining popularity and various things have been developed in it till now.  Now many people are using this amazing platform and it is believed by many crypto experts that it will have over one million users by the end of 2018.

Viberate’s goal is to create a global marketplace for the live music industry by creating an Ethereum-based platform for booking musicians and selling tickets to live events using smart contracts.

The Viberate Token


The Viberate ICO, which took place in September of 2017, was a rip-roaring success. The sale, which was publicized with the live-streaming of a set by Viberate co-founder and celebrity ambassador DJ Umek, raised nearly $11 million in just five minutes.

Vibe token is fully ERC20 compliant and was made available for purchase with ETH.
Symbol: VIB.

Base token price upon the launch of the crowd-sale was set to $0.1. ETH/USD exchange rate was locked based on September 5 market exchange rate and made to be valid for the entire time of the crowd sale.

Unlike many other projects using just an idea to raise funds via token crowd sales or initial coin offerings, without an actual product or at least a proof of concept, Viberate is up and running. Viberate already has a user base, established business partnerships and media coverage. The project was bootstrapped with $400,000 of the founders’ own savings. The funds were used to produce an MVP and to build the initial database of musicians.

Distribution of issued Tokens

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Viberate (VIB): The Game Changer for the Music Industry

Vibrate (VIB) is a unique kind of cryptocurrency, a blockchain based platform aimed at growing the little-known musician alongside the stars. After running the most successful ICO, the platform is setting new standards in the crypto-sphere. This is a musician reward system that helps in growing the live music platform by rewards artists with VIB tokens.

This is a project of its kind that seeks to disrupt the live music industry with blockchain technology, digital economy, and cryptocurrency. A package that seems ideal where the gap between established and upcoming musicians keeps widening and cost of marketing and production is skyrocketing.

Simple Steps to Buy VIBERATE in India

  1. Simply register at first instance on KoinOK. You will need to upload your KYC documents for verification (PAN Card & Aadhaar Card).

  2. ID Proofs: After registering, you will need to perform a few verification steps before you can start using the account, for which you need to upload PAN card and Aadhaar card.

  3. KYC verification will be done very shortly and you will be notified.

  4. Once you have been notified, you are ready to go.

    Buy, Sell and Trade VIB (Viberate) in INR in India

Is Viberate (VIB) the Music Disruptor for 2018 and Beyond?


Most music enthusiasts are also crypto-aware and those interested in music and cryptocurrency technologies are the ones holding the key to Viberate future. It is a thriving business that has just gotten a new level playing ground and anyone in love with entertainment and music, in particular, has a platform to identify with.

There is too much hype around VIB and Viberate; the system benefits users who continuously incorporate new artists, new venue and occasions to its database. This is turning out more like a referral system on social media and BitcoinTalk forum has not been left behind. This positive reception is poised to make the network a force to reckon with by making entry to the music industry by upcoming artists easy and seamless.

Viberate (VIB) is billed the game changer for the music industry through taping into the cryptocurrency technology.