Every day, new ICO companies strive to disrupt their respective industries by becoming a decentralized internet, supercomputer or even a decentralized VR space. However, in this race to become the next unicorn blockchain company, it really comes down to two things: real-life application and adoption.

Both of which, Cashaa already has.

What is Cashaa?


Cashaa boasts themselves as the next generation blockchain financial platform with a unique take on a better peer-to-peer money transfer system for the world. The Cashaa team, led by CEO Kumar Gaurav, believes there should be an effective alternative to our obsolete payment and banking system.

By using Cashaa’s blockchain-based payments system, the financial inclusion barriers that turn away the billions of unbanked/underbanked people from financial services will essentially be eliminated.

The Cashaa Roadmap

The most impressive thing about Cashaa is that, unlike most other ICO companies with just a white paper and vision, Cashaa already has a working product. That’s right — even before Cashaa was formed, Kumar developed a simple protocol and MVP (proof of concept) to allow people to start trading.

To his surprise, in just 90 days, his user base organically grew to over 7,000 traders in 80 countries. In fact, the platform moved over a million dollars in such a short time span. The current beta for Cashaa is closed in preparation for the commercial launch. However, in the end, they accumulated over 12,000 registered members from 141 countries that were trading cryptocurrency with 141 different fiat currencies. They have since moved several millions of dollars through the platform.

Fast forward to 2017 Q4 and their roadmap looks poised to achieve mass adoption in a quick manner.

2018 Q1: The first quarter after their token generation event, they plan to go straight to work with partnerships, starting with Asian and African banks for remittance solutions. Cashaa will also launch their multi cryptocurrency exchange in India, allowing trading of 10+ legitimate coins.

2018 Q2: The second quarter of 2018 aims to tackle Europe. Cashaa plans for the Electronic Money Institutions in Europe to issue IBAN for European users. The launch of Cashaa debit cards in Europe will shortly follow.

The plan to integrate Auxledger is huge. With this, they will be able to provide access to Cashaa to tens of millions of people in India.

2018 Q3: The third quarter will allow Cashaa cards/wallet to reach India. Potentially thousands of local payout locations will be established in Africa, Nigeria, India and Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, etc.)

At least 10 more valuable coins will be introduced on their P2P trading platform.

2018 Q4: Around this time next year, Cashaa hopes to obtain the necessary licenses for P2P loans. All while more top coins are being added to the platform.

The implementation of Agrello’s smart contracts solution will bring A.I. onto their platform.


Blockchain Technology

Cashaa token is implemented using Ethereum EIP-20 (former ERC-20) standard. The token is accepted 22 and traded in Cashaa’s own services but is also compatible across different Ethereum wallets and exchanges. Cashaa’s blockchain technology stack is not limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. When applicable, Cashaa uses different blockchain technologies to decentralize its products. This will give benefits of robustness, transparency, compatibility, and scalability to Cashaa users.

Token Functionality

The CAS token is a key component of the system that enables trading, lending and gives access to other upcoming services in the CAS ecosystem. CAS serves two main objectives: First, the token is the fuel of an internal mechanism of the Cashaa ecosystem. Second, it is part of the governance component of the CAS system.


Benefits of CAS token

  • Acquiring premium services in the Cashaa ecosystem (Membership)
  • Ability to trade cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world (Trading)
  • Lower transaction fees for the $ 600 Billion remittance industry (Remittance)
  • Providing the credit score for lenders (Micro Finance)
  • Ability to participate in governing mechanism of CAS usage (Governance)
  • Secure P2P money transfers (Escrow)

CAS Tokens -The Cashaa ICO Details

Cashaa raised approximately 105,000 ETH depending on the price of Ethereum*. They had a max cap of 510,000,000 CAS tokens, which brought them to a circulating supply that’s roughly 51% of total tokens (1 billion total CAS).

*As a reference, each CAS token cost $.10 USD.

The CAS Token Distribution:


Simple Steps to Buy CASHAA(CAS) in India

Simply register at first instance on KoinOK. You will need to upload your KYC documents for verification (PAN Card & Aadhaar Card).

ID Proofs: After registering, you will need to perform a few verification steps before you can start using the account, for which you need to upload PAN card and Aadhaar card.

KYC verification will be done very shortly and you will be notified.

Once you have been notified, you are ready to go.


Future of CASHAA


Besides blockchain, Cashaa also leverages Artificial Intelligence to make its services more efficient. It has partnered with Agrello Foundation, which will enable Cashaa to include legally-binding self-aware contracts based on the blockchain. Together with Agrello’s identity and digital signature, Cashaa enables fast and secure contract conclusion. This will lead to efficiency gains in decentralized trading and micro-financing, where the cost of engaging in a business relationship and writing agreements is high compared to the transaction value.

“Vision is to develop the payments and banking infrastructure for the future on a robust AI-driven blockchain infrastructure, which can make the legacy system obsolete, thus creating value for the world.