Buy, sell or trade SelfKey token (KEY) using INR (Indian Rupees) only on KoinOK Exchange

SelfKey is a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity, securely manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and instantly onboard onto financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services.

SelfKey makes KYC simple, painless and easy, providing access to hundreds of products and services. Relying parties, certifiers and identity owners can transact in a secure, private, decentralized manner.


SelfKey Identity Network consists of the following features and aspects:

i) Identity Wallet– Securely access your ID attributes and documents, verify and notarize them through qualified certifiers, and share them with relying parties listed on the SelfKey Marketplace to access their products and services. Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, receiving and sending ETH, KEY and any ERC-20 token.

ii) Marketplace– Easily compare and access a wide range of financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services. Get a second passport, set up businesses, open bank accounts, trade with cryptocurrencies and more.

iii) KEY token – The KEY token is an Ethereum ERC-20 compliant cryptographic token which powers the SelfKey ecosystem enabling trust and reputation and allowing participants to exchange value. Stake KEY to access the network, verify and notarize your ID documents, and purchase services such as a residency, a company, an exchange account, or a bank account.

iv) One-Click Application– Make document intensive applications instantly with a quick and painless KYC onboarding process. Open bank and exchange accounts or incorporate a company with just a few clicks.

v) Manage your Identity– Share your identity documents with verified notaries to receive certified and re-usable identity notarizations, all from the security and privacy of your local device.

vi) Private and Secure– All data and documents remain stored locally in your device – not in a SelfKey server or in the blockchain. No one has access to your information until you decide to share it.


Major benefits associated with staking KEY token:

i) Freedom– Own and manage your digital identity and instantly and securely apply for the ultimate Freedom insurance: a Second Passport and a Second Residency.

ii) Privacy– Access your documents locally on your device. No one, not even SelfKey, knows that your documents ever exist. There is no database or server to be hacked.

iii) Wealth – Access International Bank Accounts, Precious Metals trade and storage services and to purchase a Property in a sunny nation to get a Second Passport.

iv) Business– Efficiently incorporate a company, open a bank account remotely, transfer and exchange money, and access credit cards and payment processors.

v) Cryptocurrencies– Participate in multiple token sales and instantly sign up for verified exchange accounts to trade without limits.

vi) Fintech– Instantly access innovative Fintech products such as Virtual Current Accounts, Digital Banks, E-Wallets, and P2P Money Transfer Services.



SelfKey (KEY) token is currently available in India only on KoinOK Exchange . A user can buy, sell or trade KEY token against Indian Rupees (INR) on KoinOK.




Infact, KoinOK launched SelfKey (KEY) in India with a mega giveaway offer of 16,50,000 KEY tokens worth Rs. 8,00,000.

This has been divided into 3 portions. The complete details are as follows:

a) KEY Token Deposit Contest: Total Deposit Rewards worth 1,000,000 KEYs

The first 2000 KEY depositors with a minimum deposit of 2000 KEYs will receive 500 KEYs each

KEY Deposits will be made live at 1 PM, June 1. Deposit KEY tokens on KoinOK by transferring from other exchanges in order to participate in this contest. Deposit Contest will run for 30 days from 1 PM, June 1 to 11:59 PM, June 30. This minimum deposit of 2000 KEYs can be traded on KoinOK but cannot be withdrawn from KoinOK before the last date.


b) KEY Token Buying Contest: 500,000 KEY Giveaway

Buy KEY tokens on KoinOK and get additional 15% KEY tokens for FREE in your KoinOK wallet upto 300 KEY tokens in each account. This contest will start from 6 PM, June 1. Rewards will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Distribution of rewards will be done in batches starting from June 10, 2018, and then after every 10 days.


c) KEY Token Trading Contest: Rewards worth 1,36,000 KEYs

For Top 20 Traders in KEY/INR pair


Top Trader: 50000 KEYs

2nd Top Trader: 25000 KEYs

3rd Top Trader: 15000 KEYs

4th Top Trader: 10000 KEYs

5th Top Trader: 6000 KEYs

6-10th Positions: 3000 KEYs each

11-20th Positions: 1500 KEYs each


Trading in KEY/INR will be made live at 6 PM, June 1. Trading Contest will run for 10 days from 6 PM, June 1 to 11:59 PM, June 10.

Minimum Trading Amount for Trading Contest Eligibility: INR 25,000