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Local World Forwarders (LWF) Blockchain is the first decentralised logistics platform in the world. It was created with the aim of bringing together the world’s shipments market and the blockchain technology.

The LWF wants to develop a system for the management and tracking of orders that is secure, transparent and open to the new era of cryptocurrency payments. The project offers the advantage of investing at low costs with their LWF token, and a rapid acceleration of profits, dictated by the nature of cryptocurrencies.

LWF is a huge profit opportunity for big players in the global shipments market. Large shipping firms will be able to expand their market area by applying blockchain technology to their order management systems.

Freight Forwarders: LWF is a simple and secure source of revenue for anyone who wants to work and earn money according to their own schedule. LWF lets anyone receive parcels in the shortest possible time.




The LWF DPoS Blockchain:

LWF DPoS system will allow the participants to have a distributed and secure system in which it is possible to allocate all the data of their P2P platform of logistics. LWF BlockChain is designed in order to contain data on shipments, handling, disputes and feedbacks, parcel handling, invoicing and administration of the logistics company; all this functions in a fast and legally valid way thanks to the System based on the Opentime Stamps Notarization.

This level of decentralization will bring a number of advantages that will give value to the LWF Coin itself:

i) Safe: The system is not localized, it is located on the blockchain, which is geolocated across all network nodes that allow the operation. This makes it immutable by hackers, viruses or sabotage by competitors.

ii) Privacy & Notarialization: Data will be protected by an encryption system that will only allow the owner of the company (or who has got the key to read encryption) to read the data contained in the blockchain. In addition to this, with the Opentime Stamps system, you can certify the time, date, and certainty of the data giving it legal value.

iii) Democratic: 201 delegates and 51 votes available makes LWF DPoS system democratic in nature.

iv) Fast: Just few seconds to send and confirm a transaction within a forged block. LWF Blockchain will be used not for logistics-data only, but as a crypto currency with real world uses.



LWF P2P Platform:

LWF P2P platform will be based on sophisticated matching algorithms and user-friendly interfaces and on LWF DPos Blockchain, on which the team will develop our entire logistic database, alongside the platform itself.

The services available on the platform will be P2P Freight Forwarding, Pickup and Delivery Point, and Express Delivery of Packages. These services will be protected by an effective anti-fraud system, escrow and dispute management, and will allow anyone to get an active income in safety thanks to our platform. At the same time, it makes possible for emerging countries, to get goods that would otherwise be impossible for them to receive.

The payments accepted on the platform will be LWF coin, BTC and EUR / USD. the data, higher fees will be charged for those who will use different payments from the LWF.



KoinOK Exchange has launched LWF coin in India with a great reward program of over 40,000 LWF coins worth Rs. 2,50,000.

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This reward program has been divided into 3 portions. The details are as follows:

a) LWF Coin Deposit Contest:

The first 400 LWF depositors on KoinOK with a minimum deposit of 300 LWF coins will receive 50 LWF each

Total Deposit Rewards worth 20,000 LWF coins

LWF Deposits will be made live at 1 PM, June 4. Deposit LWF coins on KoinOK by transferring from other exchanges in order to participate in this contest. Deposit Contest will run from 1 PM, June 4 to 11:59 PM, June 14. This minimum deposit of 300 LWF coins can be traded on KoinOK but cannot be withdrawn from KoinOK before the last date.


b) LWF Coin Buying Contest: 10,000 LWF Giveaway

Buy LWF coins on KoinOK and get additional 15% LWF coins for FREE in your KoinOK wallet upto 30 LWF coins for each user. This contest will start from 6 PM, June 4. Rewards will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Distribution of rewards will be done in batches starting from June 10, 2018, and then after every 10 days.


c) LWF Coin Trading Contest: Rewards worth 10,000 LWF Coins

For Top 10 Traders in LWF/INR pair


Top Trader: 3500 LWF coins

2nd Top Trader: 2000 LWF coins

3rd Top Trader: 1500 LWF coins

4th Top Trader: 900 LWF coins

5th Top Trader: 600 LWF coins

6-10th Positions: 300 LWF coins each


Trading in LWF/INR will be made live at 6 PM, June 4. Trading Contest will run for 7 days from 6 PM, June 4 to 11:59 PM, June 11.

Minimum Trading Amount for Trading Contest Eligibility: INR 25,000