As the regulatory environment in India is taking time to transition and mature, in the meantime it would be beneficial to get ourselves consistently educated about the crypto space, as we are all in this for the long run! 🙂

Here are some good links which we wanted to share with you all:

i) Even Google co-founder Sergey Brin finds Zcash’s zero knowledge proof technology “mindboggling” in terms of its mass adoption potential and even shares that he mines ethereum with his son. If personalities like Sergey Brin are bullish about the crypto space, definitely something to cheer about, as we need such evangelists in the crypto ecosystem!

ii) CBOE Global Markets has filed a new Bitcoin ETF License Application With SEC: If it gets approved, it is expected to open up a much more convenient channel for institutional money to enter bitcoin and crypto ecosystem.

iii) Pierre Rochard (Nakamoto Institute Co-founder) shares an insightful writeup on Bitcoin Governance and talks about how the current governance model has successfully prevented a degradation of trustlessness over time.

iv) Although a few months old, this article on bitcoin is a must read if you want to know the importance of bitcoin and its historical significance within 1 hour of reading time.

Until next time! 🙂