Here are some of the recent updates in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain:

i) How the big players are turning around on their attitude towards crypto – World’s biggest Asset Manager Blackrock has formed a working group to explore bitcoin. The group will examine whether Blackrock should invest in bitcoin futures.

This news is significant because creation of this working group marks a turnaround on the part of Blackrock. Just last year, Blackrock CEO said that bitcoin as merely “speculative” and that the only reason it thrived was due to its anonymity.

ii) For all the finance professionals out there, here’s an important news for you – CFA Institute is adding topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its Level I and II curriculums for the first time next year. CFA is a world renowned exam whose grueling three-level program has helped train more than 150,000 financial professionals.

The worlds of finance and crypto have become increasingly intertwined after last year’s Bitcoin boom, with regulated futures now trading in Chicago, blue-chip firms like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. dabbling in digital assets, and scores of Wall Streeters joining crypto-related startups.

iii) A great positive signal and trendsetter for crypto regulation globally – Coinbase gets approval from US regulators to start listing tokenized securities.

With permission to trade tokenized securities, Coinbase users could soon have the ability to move beyond the limited cryptocurrency options currently available to be traded on the site’s central exchange which currently just lists Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.


We’ll leave you with some questions to ponder on:

i) Is Bitcoin more like TCP/IP Protocol or more like Napster?

ii) What properties of Bitcoin make it suitable to be called Digital Gold?

iii) Will there be any need of altcoins which position themselves as more scalable and cheap alternative to bitcoin, once Lightning Network adoption becomes mainstream?

Until next time! 🙂